12 Celebrity Men Straight Dudes Will Go Gay For (No Questions Asked)

Matt Dekneef
(Photo: IMDB)

There are some men in Hollywood who are so damn sexy, they can shift entire sexualities (after all it is a spectrum, just ask SCIENCE). We asked the hetero men of the Hollyscoop offices which celebrity men just do it for them.

1. Ryan Gosling


“No one is immune to The Gos.”


2. The Rock


“Because he’s awesome.”


3. Brandon Boyd


“That hair, those spacers, that dreamy pre-hipster look of 2004. He made my teenage years more confusing than they ought to have been.”


4. Ryan Gosling (again)


“Mainly I think it’d be cool to be Eskimo siblings with Eva Mendes.”


5. David Beckham

Ryan Seacrest

“He is a beautiful man. Look at that hair!”


6. Milo Ventimiglia


“I developed a crush on him while watching “Heroes.” I often find myself wondering what he’s up to, and also what his hair looks like…is that weird?”


7. Tom Daley


“ 😉 ”


8. David Beckham (again)

Ryan Seacrest

“David Beckham because he is David Beckham. No other explanation is needed.”


9. Denzel Washington


“He got game.”


10. Joe Manganiello


“Hell yeah.”


11. Idris Elba


“I don’t know why, but he’s a good-looking guy. Also he’s British. I love that dude.”


12. Bill Murray


“Because every day would be like an adventure that no one will believe.”

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