Andrew Lincoln Claims ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 Is the 'Best Ever,' But You Probably Shouldn’t Believe Him

Andrew Lincoln Claims ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 Is the 'Best Ever,' But You Probably Shouldn’t Believe Him
(Photo: AMC)

Right, before we get started with this article, take a second to go to your kitchen, get out the table salt, and grab an enormous pinch of it. You’ll be needing that as we explore this subject.

Andrew Lincoln, the lead actor in The Walking Dead, has claimed that the season eight premiere episode will be “one of the greatest episodes we've ever attempted”.

Feel free to take your pinch of salt now. Heck, take a spoonful of salt.

There’s nothing quite as suspicious when it comes to media news as the opinion of an actor in a television show that’s waning in popularity.

The Walking Dead did not have a great seventh season. That’s not a reflection of its quality (the show has had far worse writing in the past), but more an issue of ratings. AMC’s star baby is hemorrhaging viewers at an alarming rate, with many placing the blame on the overblown cliffhanger finale to the end of last season, which ultimately left fans burned out and tired.

Source: AMC

You can only keep people’s hype level high for so long before they’ll just stop caring, and it’s hard to take the death of a character seriously when you’ve already faked his death once in the past.

In spite of this, Andrew Licoln, better known as the face of Rick Grimes, or that creepy stalker guy from Love Actually if you’re into romantic comedies that feature naked hobbits, is eager to drum up excitement for the next batch of episodes.

“I'm more excited about this season than ever and this is not - I'm not blowing smoke up anybody - this is so real. I am ready to go. I can't wait. It's going to be insane this season.”

Hmm. It’s almost as if Lincoln is trying too hard. Heap too much enthusiasm on a project and it feels like you’re compensating for something.

Nevertheless, with The Walking Dead’s hundredth episode on the horizon, there’s likely big plans afoot at AMC as the studio endeavors to deliver something special.

Who know? Maybe season seven was deliberately a bit quiet so as to make the upcoming season all the more eventful.

Or maybe AMC is looking forward to settling into a groove and riding The Walking Dead into the ground. Only time will tell whether Andrew Lincoln’s unbridled enthusiasm is well placed.

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