‘Avengers: Infinity War’ To Begin Filming in January

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Marvel)

Get ready, Merry Marvelites – Infinity War is on its way.

According to Omega Underground, the movie will begin filming on January 23, in Georgia and London, under the working title Mary Lou.

Interestingly, it seems that Black Panther will also start filming at around the same time, and will also be shot in Georgia. This represents an evolution of the standard Marvel movie making machine method (apologies for all the “M” alliteration), as it will see the studio increase productivity further by doubling up filming periods.

Marvel needs things to run as smoothly as possible, especially as the studio begins gearing up to start releasing three movies per year. After all, there’s a lot of box office dollars to be made, and if Marvel doesn’t up their game, DC will start taking a larger chunk of the pie (despite suffering from far worse critical reviews).

The dual-filming of Infinity War and Black Panther opens up a lot of additional possibilities for the studio in terms of resource management, though. If Robert Downey Jr is already on-set, it’s easy to slip a few scenes of him into Black Panther as well as Infinity War (as long as an additional salary can be agreed upon). Props can be shared, too, as can sets, if necessary. Infinity War could feature extensive scenes in Wakanda with minimal extra expenditure.

Source: Marvel

So is this the future of Marvel’s moviemaking battleplan? Will the studio start filming movies that interconnect to even greater degrees, in order to minimize their costs and speed up production?

Hopefully not! There’s only so far the studio can go with this idea before they get lazy.

Marvel’s cookie cutter movie mold is already beginning to get repetitive, with audiences drawing parallels between films like Doctor Strange and Iron Man.

If the studio gets too carried away with its interconnected universe, we might actually see the franchise fall from grace.

It might sound crazy now, but it only took one Apocalypse to kill the X-Men. A couple of lazy movies in a row could spell the end for Marvel.

But there’s no sign of that for now. Here’s hoping Kevin Feige takes the risks into consideration, though, when greenlighting movie prop-swapping.

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