‘Bachelor’ Franchise Show Runner Teases Villain Spinoff

Abby Draper
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Late last night I was scrolling Twitter and audibly gasped when I saw that The Bachelor franchise showrunner Mike Fleiss tweeted, “I hear ya, #BachelorNation !!! How ‘bout this nugget? I’m thinking Chad should be the next Bachelor spinoff…”


For those of you unfamiliar with Chad from this season of The Bachelorette, here is what you need to know:

Chad formally introduced himself to the world by answering the question, “What is your greatest achievement in life?” with, “Being born good looking” in his official Bachelorette bio.  

And that was just the beginning…

Chad turned on the charm for about ten seconds after stepping out of the limo to meet this seasons Bachelorette, JoJo, but shortly after that, he transformed into the best villain this franchise has ever seen with his first insult — “I’m pretty confident that if I wanted her [JoJo] I could have her. I’m like the manlier, more rugged version of Ben [Higgins, last season’s Bachelor]. He’s a good guy but he’s just a softy. Just a soft, supple, smooth friendly guy.”

He continues with his villainous digs immediately the next morning when he decides to toast the group with, “To a beautiful girl, a beautiful life, f*ck you guys, I’mma make her my wife” followed by his first rant of the season – “I can do better than all of the other men at everything because they’re not comfortable around a beautiful woman.”

My personal favorite scene of Chad’s followed quickly when he filled an entire suitcase with dozens of jugs of protein powder before chaining it around his waist and making his way to a wooden beam to do pull-ups.

This episode, and his remaining time on the season, showcases Chad in all of his meathead, roid rage glory as he picks fights with and bullies the rest of the contestants, shoves plates of meat into his mouth, eats raw sweet potatoes and says things like, “You’re a little bit naggy” to JoJo, who he’s there to impress.

Because of Chad’s ongoing pranks and coercions, the rest of the men grow to despise him and hold no bars in their hopes to get him sent home. One contestant even tattles on Chad to Chris Harrison, the host of the show, who asks Chad to apologize to the remaining men. He does so by pointing to another suitor and saying, “You’re a good guy. Probably. I guess.”

Shortly after his “apology” Chad threatens season-favorite Jordan Rodgers [brother of Green Bay Packer Quarterback Aaron Rodgers], he and [another suitor] Alex go on a two-on-one date and when Alex has a private conversation with JoJo, he tells her about Chad’s threatening behavior. JoJo confronts Chad about what she’s learned, he doesn’t deny it and she sends him packing.

Obviously, because he’s Chad, he doesn’t oblige and decides to go back to shake the remaining guys up just one more time before he finally agrees to head home. 

As disappointing as it was to have the entertainment leave the show, we didn’t have to spend much time away from Chad as he has taken these antics and amplified them on Twitter and Snapchat where he continues to mock the show and its contestants.


On Snapchat, he smokes cigarettes, showers himself in cash while laying naked in bed, eats copious amounts of terrible food, dances by himself in the middle of the street and flexes as hard as he can while recording himself in the mirror. It’s as amazing as it sounds. Recently, he also promised those watching that during the upcoming “Men Tell All” he’s going to respond to everyone’s pressing questions with, “How big is your dick, bro?”  

Basically, Chad is your stereotypical meathead with roid rage who says and does as many inappropriate things as he can without believing that he’s being inappropriate.

All that being said, a Chad spinoff would be enormously entertaining and I wait with bated breath to learn more. In the meantime, I am counting down the days until Bachelor in Paradise season three airs and Chad returns to our television from Mexico.   

What do you think? Chad for the next Bachelor? 

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