The Bling Ring: 10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings

The Bling Ring: 10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings

Put on your sunglasses before reading...

You're going to need them when viewing these sparklers worn (or once worn) by these Hollywood ladies. Because when it's a celebrity engagement, it's all about “for richer, or for richer." Blink and you still can't miss them.

Beyoncé’s Bling

Jay-Z liked it so much he took Beyoncé’s lyrics to heart and put a ring on it—$5 million worth on it. Jay and Bey got married on the DL in April 2008, but her 20-carat engagement ring by Lorraine Schwartz couldn’t be kept a secret because DAMN!—that rock is like the sun, don’t make direct eye contact with it.

Paris Hilton’s Bling

When you’re Paris Hilton, heiress to a trillion-dollar fortune, no engagement ring could put a dent in your future inheritance. For the time being, a 25-carat white-diamond $4.7 million engagement ring will do though, we guess…

Paris’ boyfriend at the time, Paris Latsis (yup, his name was also Paris) knew it’d be a challenge to “ooh!” her, which is why he got her a second ring: a 21-carat canary-diamond “I love you” ring.

It was short-lived, however. Just four months later, the engagement was off. And so were those rings.

Mariah Carey’s Bling

Your highness Princess Mimi got a ring to match her lavish lifestyle, dahhhhling. Nick Cannon got Mariah (with her own money?) a $2.5 million sparkler from Jacob Arabo with a pink diamond at its center surrounded by 58 (not a typo, that’s 5-8) smaller pink diamonds.


Melania Trump’s Bling

Donald Trump made sure when he got down on bended knee he was holding a ring more ostentatious than those of his first two wives. The 15-carat emerald-cut diamond cost $2 million.

Kim Kardashian’s Bling

…from Kris Humphries. The one she wore as his wife for a grand total of 72 days. A $2 million, 20.5-carat diamond from Lorraine Schwartz.

Jennifer Lopez’s Bling

…from Ben Affleck. The actor created a stir when he proposed to her with a rare pink diamond engagement ring: 6.1 carats with a price tag of $1.2 million.

Rounding out the list…

Catherine Zeta-Jones’ Bling: $1 million sparkler by Fred Leighton.

Hilary Duff’s Bling: a 14-carat diamond valued at $1 million.

Eva Longoria’s Bling: From Tony Parker was a 5-carat emerald-cut diamond in white gold designed by French Jeweler Jean Dousset priced at $800,000.

Denise Richards’ Bling: From Charlie Sheen was a 4.3-carat yellow diamond with a setting of 100 smaller diamonds that cost $500,000.

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