Britney Spears Reveals Her Biggest Regret

Madison Vanderberg

Everyone has regrets. For Britney Spears, we assume she probably regretted smashing that car with her umbrella, shaving her head, doing those drugs, etc.

But if you ask Britney Spears what she would go back and erase from her career, it’s that short-lived reality show about her messy marriage to Kevin Federline… “Chaotic.”

Oh, yes girl. THAT, definitely get rid of THAT.

Talking to UK newspaper The Telegraph, Britney dished on “Chaotic,” “I would never do something like that again. Actually, that was really bad. That was probably the worst thing I’ve done in my career.”

“But what about Crossroads,” the interviewer asked?

“No!” Britney shouted in mock horror, “I like Crossroads! F- you!”

Whoa, Britney cusses? 

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