Daisy Ridley, Felicity Jones, Lupita Nyong’o, and More to Unite for New ‘Star Wars’ Cartoon Project

Daisy Ridley, Felicity Jones, Lupita Nyong’o, and More to Unite for New ‘Star Wars’ Cartoon Project
(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Star Wars fans of a certain age will fondly remember the time that the franchise went all Samurai Jack for a couple of hours with the incredible original Clone Wars cartoons. Long before 3D rendering created the longrunning CGI series, we instead got two seasons of intense, colorful action that, let’s face it, are better than all of the prequel movies combined.

If you loved this simple 2D cartoon style and wish that there was more of this, you’re in luck! Lucasfilm has announced Forces of Destiny, a series of traditionally animated shorts (well, traditionally animated on computer, but 2D nonetheless) that will focus on some of the brighter stars in the Star Wars saga.

This time around, though, the focus of the show is a little different. Rather than watching Anakin or Obi-Wan or even Kit Fisto fight waves of battle droids, as in the Clone Wars show, Forces of Destiny will instead focus primarily on female characters within the Star Wars mythos.

Oh, quit whining, meninists. Literally every other Star Wars television series has primarily been about men. You’re not missing out.

It’s pretty clear to see where Lucasfilm is going with this, though. Star Wars has long been a brand that caters specifically to little boys (and their older brothers) who want an amazing science fiction power fantasy.

Based on the fact that both Star Wars movies that Disney has released thus far have female protagonists, it seems that the studio is looking to make Star Wars a brand that appeals to little girls just as much as to boys.

Get ‘em while they’re young, own their wallets forever. That’s the Disney motto.

And in order to hook these girls, Lucasfilm are using a policy that’s worked well for parent company Disney for decades: cute, colorful animation.

Source: Lucasfilm

Let’s be clear, this series is an attempt to turn Rey, Jyn Erso, and Leia Organa, into fully fledged Disney princesses. The mighty House of Mouse wants to blur the lines between Cinderella and Padme Amidala as much as possible, so that future generations of girls (and their older sisters, and as many of their brothers as possible too) will see Star Wars as simply an extension of Disney’s main toy line.

But in order to achieve this, Lucasfilm is going all out. The studio is getting Daisy Ridley, Felicity Jones, Lupita Nyong’o, and as many other key voice actors as possible in to record dialogue.

This is something that even shows like The Clone Wars hasn’t had in the past. Make no mistake: Forces of Destiny is a key new part of the Star Wars experience.

This is fantastic news for progressive feminists everywhere, who want an opportunity to see strong female rolemodels who are capable of saving the galaxy all by themselves.

And for those who are getting tired of all the female-centric Star Wars properties, don’t worry. Han Solo: A Star Wars Story comes out next year, and you can enjoy a healthy dose of machismo as Baby Han Solo runs around pew pewing his little Freudian blaster.

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