Daniel Day-Lewis Wins Best Actor Oscar

John Howard

Well, there you go. It’s the news that’s been more-or-less official for the past couple months, save for the trophy part…

Daniel Day-Lewis won the Oscar for outstanding performance by an actor in a leading role thanks to his work as Lincoln in Lincoln. This is understandable, because, aside from reincarnating Abe’s actual body, the actor did everything he could to become the 16th president of the United States of America.

Day-Lewis equally impressive coimpetition in the category included:

Bradley Cooper — Silver Linings Playbook

Daniel Day-Lewis — Lincoln

Hugh Jackman — Les Misérables

Joaquin Phoenix — The Master

Denzel Washington — Flight

Aside from being another big honor for arguably the greatest actor of all time, this award means Day-Lewis has become the first ever actor to win three trophies in the lead actor category. In the past, he already earned best actor for There Will Be Blood and My Left Foot.

Congrats to the living legend!

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