Elizabeth Hurley’s ‘Stolen’ Car Was Right Where She Left It

John Howard

Elizabeth Hurley is the subject of what will surely become the most embarrassing celebrity moment of the week.

The English model reported her car stolen while it was parked in London’s swanked-out Mayfair district. It was days later when she realized that her forgetful brain, and NOT some dirty thieves, was to blame for the mishap.

According to the UK’s Sun, after a police phone call and four days of thinking her $90,000 Audi Saloon was jacked, it was actually just sitting right where she left it.

Liz returned to the vehicle, along with a stack of parking fines totaling $300, on Monday with a look of pure embarrassment.

Did we just get an idea for the sequel to Dude, Where’s My Car?

A local shop employee who works near where the car was abandoned relayed their frustration.

“It’s been here every day, with tickets piling up,” the witness told the outlet. “How stupid or rich do you have to be to forget about your car for that long?”

Another said this is just a typical day-in-the-life for the stumbling stunner.

“She comes here quite a lot but looked a bit lost and disoriented,” the other source said. “You can only park there for four hours but she never returned for it.”

As The Sun previously reported, a full investigation ensued due to Liz’ stupidity. Alas… Those efforts were in vain. 

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