This Is the Girl Who’s Been in Justin Bieber’s Last Two Music Videos

This Is the Girl Who’s Been in Justin Bieber’s Last Two Music Videos

This week, Justin Bieber dropped his video for his new single “Confident” and lo and behold, there’s a familiar face: The same girl from “All That Matters” reprising her role as his love interest.

Show us this girl in one Justin Bieber music video and we remember it for a day, show us this girl in TWO Justin Bieber music videos and we remember it for life. Who is the girl who’s been in Bieber’s last two videos? Let’s investigate.


Her name is Cailin Russo.

She’s 19 years old.


Can’t you tell by her tweets?

Anyway, she’s made out with Justin not once…



Clearly he likes her (enough to feature her in two music videos).


She even kisses him between takes.

On the cheek.


She’s originally from San Diego.



But now she’s a fashion model.

All her photos of Paris prove it.


She’s signed to the following agencies: No Ties Management (SD), newMARK models (LA), and WILHELMINA (NY).


Her doppelganger is definitely Cameron Diaz circa The Mask.


But she does more than just strike poses, she also sings!

Here she is covering “Valerie” in the vein of Amy Winehouse.


Bieber’s songs weren’t her first music videos. She was also in OneRepublic’s “Something I Need.”


There could be a third Bieber video in her future. Apparently they had “pretty intense” chemistry, which looks like this:


And this,


anyway, that’s Cailin Russo!

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