How Fatherhood Changed Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson

Matt Dekneef

The latest Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson buddy comedy The Internship, in theaters on June 7, is about two recently laid off guys forced to take an internship at tech giant, Google.

In their new work environment, this fish-out-of-water duo work for a band of brilliant college students, but at two decades their junior it can at times feel a lot like parenting.

Which is hardly acting for Vince and Owen, who both welcomed their own kids in the past three years. Vince had a son this past December; Owen also had a son in 2010.

“It’s fun,” Vince told Hollyscoop. “It is nice to have my little girl to go home to so I really enjoy it.”

As for his Fathers’ Day plans, whatever Vince ends up doing, he’s just going to relax with loved ones. “Just to try and have fun and take time to enjoy my family,” he said.

“On Wedding Crashers, we didn’t have little kids visiting the set,” Owen said to Hollyscoop. “It might not have been appropriate for little kids, but I think that on this it was just nice you know. It was nice to have my son visit and Vince’s family, it was nice.”

As for Owen’s Fathers’ Day plans, you can’t pull him away from the set. He has no big plans whatsoever. “Work,” he said.

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