Jake Gyllenhaal Scary Skinny in New Photos

Matt Dekneef

Will someone please put a finger up against Jake Gyllenhaal’s neck and press it against his carotid artery? Because we need confirmation that the actor does indeed have a pulse coursing through those veins.

The 32-year-old was photographed on the set of his newest film Nightcrawler. How many calories did shooting this film take? Apparently, ½ a Gyllenhaal, which has now officially become a new unit of measurement for you to use in your daily life.

We’ve seen Jake portray a reporter before in Zodiac, but not quite like this. His gaunt appearance is for the film’s central character—a freelance reporter who finds himself navigating the gritty world of underground crime journalism in Los Angeles.

Until the project goes into post-production and we get a trailer, these photos will have to satisfy speculation on what to expect from this feature.

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