James Cameron: ‘Avatar’ Sequels to Draw Inspiration From Cirque du Soleil

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: YouTube)

James Cameron has big plans for his four Avatar sequels.

While audiences may not have expected, or even asked for, such a large number of follow-up films to the biggest box office hit of 2010, Cameron has promised that he’ll deliver something very special with each instalment.

Recently, a performance by the Cirque du Soleil debuted in Brooklyn, expanding upon the world of Avatar with Toruk, a prequel show telling the story of the large winged creature that appears in the original film.


Speaking of the show, Cameron explained that Cirque du Soleil was perfect for telling a story set in his science fiction world, and explained that future Avatar movies will draw heavy inspiration from the dance troupe’s work:

“I love the culture of Cirque du Soleil, how they think, how they empower and enable the artist. I wish Hollywood was more like the way Cirque runs, just in terms of the corporate mentality. Hollywood’s all about getting really creative people and then just putting the thumbscrews to them until they cry. Cirque du Soleil is exactly the opposite. They’ll say, ‘No, you’re not being crazy enough. We’ve seen stuff like that before. Do something we’ve never seen. Go nuts.”

According to Cameron, while future Avatar movies will follow the kind of aesthetic created by Cirque du Soleil in Toruk, the sequels will tell a more person, family-oriented story.

“The storyline in the sequels really follows Jake and Neytiri and their children. It’s more of a family saga about the struggle with the humans. But thematically, Toruk manages to land very very closely to the feeling of where the sequel stories are going.”

At present, the second Avatar movie is scheduled to release in December 2018, with subsequent films arriving at regular intervals up until 2023.

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