Jaden Smith’s New Girlfriend Is a THIEF! Charged with Grand Larceny

Haley Dodd
(Photo: Instagram)

We’ve all been wondering who Jaden Smith’s new girlfriend is after the couple made their debut at Kanye West’s New York Fashion Week show.



Jaden Smith is now dating 19-year-old Sarah Snyder and they were super cuddly in the front row at Yeezy’s show, even going in for a kiss.


Not gonna lie, she looks like Jaden's ex, Kylie Jenner. 


While the blonde beauty looks totally innocent and adorable, she does have a dark past. Page Six reports that Snyder was arrested on June 15th and charged with one count of grand larceny in the third degree.

Say whaaa?!


Apparently Jaden’s girl was accused of stealing a 16K Hermes purse from a shopping center in Katonah, NY, in February. Those purses do cost a pretty penny, but stealing one, really? 

We're thinking WWJD, "What Would Jaden Do?"


The case is still ongoing and it's said that she was totally cooperative during her arrest. 

This is her mugshot from the arrest. 

Bedford Police Dept.

It seems like Jaden has no problem with her criminal past either.

Maybe he’s all about that bad girl lyfe?


While this incident was pre-Jaden, we’re sure he has some cash to blow on Sarah if she REALLY wants that bag.

He got you, girl. 


This totally sounds like some Bonnie and Clyde ish! 

Oh, to be young and dumb.  

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