Joel McHale Pledges Entire Show Paycheck to LGBT Center to Counter Bigoted New Law

Justin Caffier
(Photo: Getty)

North Carolina done goofed more than any other state done goofed in a long time. After passing the discriminatory house bill (HB2) that prevented transgender people from using the restroom of the gender and essentially making that law the final word on the matter, the state has seen an enormous backlash from the entertainment and tech industry after the bill went into effect April 1st. But these protests weren’t just kumbaya drum circles and picket signs. Companies protesting HB2 hit North Carolina right where it would hurt the worst: the wallet.

As a state with major tax breaks for the entertainment industry in an effort to entice studios to come shoot TV shows and movies there, bringing jobs and spending to the local communities, North Carolina forgot where its bread was buttered and underestimated just how tight Hollywood and the LGBT community are. Disney, Lionsgate, Fox, Miramax, and The Weinstein Company are just a few of the heavy hitters of the industry to declare they’ll no longer be filming their content in the Tar Heel state until the bill is repealed.

Adding his own financial middle finger to the proceedings, Joel McHale (of Community and The Soup fame) has pledged that he will be donating “every single dime” of his pay from a stand up show he did in Durham to the LGBT Center of Durham.


Decked out in a “LGBTQ” shirt and mincing no words by calling the law “f*cking crazy,” McHale made his ally status abundantly clear over the course of the evening.

This bill seems like it will keep biting NC in the ass until some politicians eat a little humble pie and admit their mistake.



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