Jonah Hill Is Looking Extra Jonah Hill These Days

Emma Collins
(Photo: FameFlyNet)

Remember when Jonah Hill first arrived on the scene? He left everyone in stitches as the hilarious teenager in Superbad.

Columbia Pictures


Then as his star grew, he…shrunk.

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

He apparently got fit with the help of his Moneyball co-star Brad Pitt.


It made magazine headlines because here was Jonah, proving that he didn’t need to rely on his size to make audiences laugh.

Getty Images


Lately though, he’s starting to look more…familiar.



(Sorry, time out. Let’s take a moment to appreciate his adorable French bulldog.)



Like, he looks like regular, normal Jonah Hill again.



Or, um, extra Jonah Hill-y.



Is it for a new role?


Who knows? It’s not a big deal, just something we noticed.

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