LISTEN: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Release Surprise New Song Together

Olivia Jakiel
(Photo: Getty Images)

Wait WUT!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez dropped a new song and we were NOT expecting it!

You can listen to it below.

The song is called “Strong” and features the two singing about their on and off 4 year relationship, in which they wish things would’ve worked out.

Bieber sings, “You're the only one I'm really missing. Nobody else would be forgiving, ‘cause of all the love that you give me."

In which Selena replies, “Wishing I was better at this damn thing, cause it's just been too long and I can't change."


Both Selena and Justin have recently spoken out about their relationship and apparently this collaboration has been planned for quite some time, as they felt it would be “therapeutic” and help with closure.

Although neither singer has commented on the song, fans are going crazy for the collab.




Um, can you two collaborate more often? THANKS!

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