Justin Bieber Pervs Out in Steamy New Music Video

Madison Vanderberg

We don’t know what it is about R&B music videos, but it makes all artists involved look like perverts. Justin Bieber just crossed the line from starry-eyed heartthrob to straight up music video molester.

Bieber’s new video for “All That Matters” features the pop singer and a model. The woman grinds on him and arches her back on a dirty brick wall.

The whole video makes you want to take a bath. No one wants to see a 19-year-old boy all sprung. It’s 100 kinds of wrong.

When he takes his shirt off, it’s poison. You can’t unsee a shirtless Justin Bieber trying to conceal his…excitement. You just can’t.

Anyways, if you can stomach it, here’s Justin Bieber trying to prove he’s all grown up in “All That Matters.”



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