Kesha and Mom Write Song About Va-Jay-Jay

Madison Vanderberg

Last we checked in with Ke$ha, she was deep-throating cannolis and spitting them into the mouths of her stagehands and drinking her own urine, so we assumed the next order of business would be biting off the heads of bats a la Ozzy Osbourne. And then she pulled a fast one on us.

Ke$ha is just casually writing songs about her va-jay-jay now and weirdly enough, her co-writer is her mother, because nothing says “family” like writing songs about your vagina with your parents?

“It began as a song about my car, which is a gold Trans Am, and it works about 40 percent of the time. I don’t have another car because I love that one so much. But then like all great pop it became a metaphor for something else – my p***y. But my vagina is in tip top working order. Valeted and tiptop and working 100 percent of the time,” the pop star told Q magazine.

Did you hear that boys? Her lady-bits are waiting in the valet for you. Ulchh.

She also talked about her very close relationship with her mom, “We write songs about boys and sex together. That may not be normal to the average psychiatrist out there but I think it’s pretty cool … Don’t analyze.”

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