Kevin Smith Wants To Direct A Supergirl Episode & He Absolutely Should Not

Logan Rapp
(Photo: Getty/CBS)

So, as with every other Comic-Con season, Kevin Smith now trots himself out to anyone that will have him so that he can let everyone know the million things that he would like to do in a whirlwind of audience pandering.  One of the shows that Smith has suggested he direct an episode of Supergirl, and he really shouldn’t. 

Despite directing a beloved episode of The Flash during its second season, Smith directing an episode of Supergirl is a completely different animal. A female-centric series simply does not need another bearded nerd dude taking a director spot for a show that only had three of its twenty episodes directed by women last season. 


And Smith’s track record of directing women isn’t exactly the best. Even after years of work in his Askewniverse, he’s yet to create a female character who isn’t two dimensional or sounds like, well, anyone other than Kevin Smith. And for a series like Supergirl, where there are many women characters who are self-motivated, more women directors are needed, not more dudes. 

So before we reward Kevin Smith for being Kevin Smith yet again, we should consider the legitimately serious hiring problem that Hollywood has. Instead of handing a job over to someone who is perpetually retiring, let’s try hiring some more women who actually want to be in the industry they work in. 


Supergirl’s second season premieres October 10th, 2016. 

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