Lenny Kravitz Gave the Sexiest Quote About Women You’ll Read All Year

Matt Dekneef
(Photo: Getty)

Print it and then laminate it and them laminate it again if you feel compelled to.

The global ambassador for humongous oversized scarvesLenny Kravitz gets major props for his recent comments about women for FLATT magazine. There’s something so genuine and heartfelt that it instantly makes this the sexiest feminist quote by a male in 2014.

Paired with some of his most fire emoji GIFs, you can practically feel the heat emanating from whatever screen you’re reading this quote off of:

“I personally think women should be running the world.


I know that's such a funny, easy thing to say.


My first experience with women would be my grandmother, my mother and my aunt. They were the women that raised me.


At an early age, I understood it in my spirit the strength of women, the loyalty of women, the fact that women do whatever they need to do to take care of their families or loved ones.


Women's dedication, hard work, honor. These women were the rocks of my life, the pillars of my life.


Without these women, life for our families would not be what they are.


I believe women are so much more sensible, have so much better intuition, and ultimately are stronger.



For me, I've always gotten along better with women. I've always related to them better.



I'm glad that that feminine side is a big part of my upbringing.



To answer your question, I think that there should be a lot better representation by women in the running of this planet in so many ways.”


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