Liam Hemsworth Learned Everything About Sex From His Mom

Matt Dekneef

And Liam Hemsworth has some hilarious anecdotes about it all, which he shared on “Live with Kelly & Michael,” because growing up, the actor’s mom was also his sex ed teacher.

“I was in her class,” Liam said, adding that it was so embarrassing, “I would come in for the first part of it and leave half way through.”

Well, like they say: Mommy knows best (Ewwww).

“I used to put my head down most of the time,” he added, to keep his mom from asking him questions in front of the class. “We had this one time where we were given out cards of different sexually transmitted infections and you had to stand up and talk about the card and she picked me out of the whole room. It was like, ‘Well, I have Chlamydia…thanks for this, Mom. Good class.’”

Watch part of the interview here:

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