Lindsay Lohan to Move into the Chateau Marmont of London

Madison Vanderberg

For several years back in the 2007ish era, Lindsay Lohan was a fixture at the infamous Hollywood hotel the Chateau Marmont, and by fixture we mean she actually lived there.

A couple years ago she didn’t pay her tab and racked up an insane bill, so she was unceremoniously kicked out.

So, she went to London and hit up the Chateau owner’s other property the Chiltern Firehouse and is now going to live there.

Like the Chateau, the Chiltern Firehouse is a hotel/restaurant/club/whatever and Lindsay has been partying there nonstop. She hasn’t moved in yet but she’s been spotted there like, a gazillion times.

May 15



May 28



May 30



June 3


June 4



June 5



June 11



Do you get the picture? She’s there A LOT!

According to The Sun newspaper, “Bosses of the venue have told her she can stay permanently in one of their hotel rooms which open soon, and she is likely to jump at the chance.”

The fact that Lindsay is moving into a hotel like a homeless person is not the shocking part, it’s the fact that ANYONE is still willing to give Lindsay free stuff and associated publicity after knowing her track record for MESSINESS.

Whatever Lindsay. Good luck. At least we don’t have to deal with you over here anymore. SORRY NOT SORRY.


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