Lucy Liu May Be Directing a Marvel Netflix Episode, Based on Leaked Set Photos

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Miramax)

Hey, so Lucy Liu has been spotted on the set of Luke Cage season two.


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Do you know what’s fun, though? Nobody has a clue why she was there.

Fan theories as to why the star of Kill Bill, Charlie’s Angels, and Elementary might be hanging out on set are far-reaching, and at present, each are equally plausible.

The safest option is to assume that Lucy Liu is just visiting. This theory, though, is boring, so let’s instantly discount it.

It could be that Liu is on set because she’s appearing in an episode, which is fairly plausible, because, as we all know, she kicks all kind of butt, and is awesome in front of the camera.

Smart money, though, is on the theory that Liu will be directing the premier episode for season two of Luke Cage. Liu has a lot of experience directing for television, having directed four episodes of her longrunning show Elementary.

Plus, check out how she’s giving out orders in this video from the set. She certainly looks like she’s in charge.

If Liu is directing an episode of Luke Cage, this is great news for Marvel as a whole. The studio is notoriously bad at dealing with female directors (as Patty Jenkins will attest), so getting in someone talented like Lucy Liu to work on Luke Cage is an excellent way to help bring extra diversity to the creative team behind Marvel’s properties.

Of course, this is all just speculation at this point. But it’s the good kind of speculation, which involves an imaginary version of Luke Cage season two, episode one that’s directed by one of Charlie’s Angels.

That’s certainly something worth hoping for!

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