Michael Bublé Attacked for Body Shaming Woman in Photo –– Is What He Did Wrong?

Madison Vanderberg
(Photo: Getty)

The Internet is going HAM over Michael Bublé’s latest Instagram photo. The usually low-key crooner has just been skewered by men and women alike for a photo he recently posted. 

While on vacation in Miami, his wife Luisana Lopilato took a picture of Bublé standing near a woman wearing very tight shorts. 

Bublé captioned the photo “#myhumps #babygotback #hungryshorts #onlyinmiami #picoftheday #beautifulbum.”

Now the Internet is attacking him for body shaming the unsuspecting woman in the photo. After all, she was unaware that the photo of her butt was being taken and shared with all of his one million followers. 

The picture was posted four days ago and despite the massive criticism on his page, Bublé has not taken the photo down. 


Despite the media attention surrounding Bublé's photo, there is a shockingly high number of fans who DEFEND Bublé’s decision to take and post the photo. 


Some were concerned about logistics.


He definitely lost fans over it.


The hatred was real.


Some even went so far as to say he has a “dark side.”


Or simply that it’s not his place to spread photos of women’s bodies to the public.


But there were a lot of fans defending Bublé, saying the woman wore those shorts on purpose “so ppl will look.”


A lot of people were defending him.


A lot defend him and wish THEY were the woman in the photo.


The media latched onto the idea that Bublé was “body shaming” the woman, but a lot of fans simply thought it was “creepy.”


There were actually a lot of random arguments on why it’s okay that he shared the photo.


Like this: 


They even started a hashtag #ButtsAcrossAmericaLoveBuble.


What do you think? Was Bublé wrong to post the photo? Was it just a careless mistake? Does it not matter?

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