The Most Terrifying Photo of Zac Efron in Existence

Matt Dekneef
(Photo: The Sun)

Zac Efron is our current Hollywood “It” boy extraordinaire: a modern day exemplar of a beautiful body (see his latest film Neighbors) with the perfect face, smile, and hair. Well, except maybe the hair…


To clarify, we’re not talking about the way his hair looks now. It looks great now.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images


We’re not even talking about when he got a little whacky with it either…

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images


…or adventurous with the highlighting:

John M. Heller/Getty Images


We’re talking about before his hair was styled after a Final Fantasy character.

Evan Agostini/Getty Images


And BEFORE that Bieber fever bowl cut was all the rage.

Munawar Hosain/Getty Images


We’re talking about when it was CRIMPED.

The Sun

Yes, crimped. The most terrifying photo of Zac Efron in the existence of the Internet. Now go ahead and make it the wallpaper your desktop deserves.

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