Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miley Cyrus Talk Marriage – Patrick’s Sister Reveals How She Really Feels About Miley

Madison Vanderberg
(Photo: Splash)

When Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miley Cyrus first got together, everyone was like “that’s random” and also “well, that’ll last a night.”

And now it’s several months later and not only are they basically inseparable but they are also supposedly talking MARRIAGE!

This according to TMZ, WHO NEVER LIES! No seriously, you guys, TMZ is pretty damn accurate with their “sources.”

According to them: “They have even said casually in front of friends they will get married some day.”

We hope Miley isn’t marriage-obsessed and rushing into things like she did with Liam Hemsworth. After all, she and Liam got engaged when she was 19! She hadn’t even discovered twerking when Liam proposed! How many more random lifestyles does Miley need to get out of her system before she can settle down with someone!?

However, the Schwarzenegger family seems to be all for it. Miley and Patrick recently went to a fancy dinner with his mom Maria Shriver, and Pat’s sister Katherine thinks he and Miley are “adorable.”

“I think they’re adorable. I mean, if my brother’s happy then I’m happy and that’s all that matters,” she told "Extra."

Well, start planning the Schwarzenegger/Cyrus wedding, things are gonna get adorable/weird.

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