Prince Almost Had Chris Tucker’s Role In ‘The Fifth Element’

Logan Rapp
(Photo: OBSEV / Columbia Pictures)

The Fifth Element was probably one of the more wacky science fiction films that all of us have watched in our lifetime. Yet somehow we all have found a way to make it a classic on our DVD shelves, or Amazon queues, or whatever. But it turns out, it might've been a much different movie. How different? Imagine Prince being on the cast


That's right, Prince was intitially offered the role of Ruby Rhod, the wild, fast-talking talk show host who is always about one bad move from turning into a shrieking mess. One of the things that he wasn't terribly into? The costume, which he felt was "too effeminate," according to the designer, Jean Paul Gaultier. 

David Brewster - Star Tribune

The other part is simply that there might have been an issue with language, where Gaultier was speaking in incredibly broken English, to the point that Prince thought the designer was saying "f*ck you," when in fact he was saying "faux cul" (fake ass, referring to the junk in the costume's trunk). 





Which makes one wonder — you're going to spend $90 million dollars to produce this film, but no one thought to spend however much they needed to have a French/English translator so that they could lock down Prince? That seems like a silly oversight, and a missed opportunity that Luc Besson probably regrets, and if he doesn't, he should. 

Meanwhile, the rest of us have to watch a Prince-less The Fifth Element. Thanks, Obama. At least we can watch him kick Kim Kardashian off his stage over and over. 

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