Quentin Tarantino: I Want Some ‘Whores’ for Next Project

Alex Pompliano
(Photo: OBSEV / Getty)

Quentin Tarantino thrives in controversy. Throughout his career, he’s been under fire for using gratuitous use of the N-word in his films and tackling hot-button issues on screen like Nazi Germany and American slavery with excessive violence.

But now it’s a casting call that’s stirring up controversy. Specially, a new Tarantino-produced movie has caused backlash online over using the word “whores” in the auditioning process.

The project is a Western (surprise, surprise) set to shoot soon in Los Angeles. According to Complex, project members issued a call through an LA-based casting agency on Friday requesting "whores for Quentin Tarantino project." A casting call was posted on Facebook, but has since been deleted. However, Women and Hollywood nabbed a screengrab:

Women and Hollywood

As you could imagine, the post was wasn’t received well online. However, the casting agency has since claimed that the word “whores” was lifted “directly from the script.” The agency also added that the script was penned by a woman. Other details are scarce, as Tarantino’s IMDb page doesn’t mention any forthcoming projects with him as producer and the agency hasn’t revealed a title for this film.

Women and Hollywood noted that this backlash could’ve easily been avoided, if the casting agency just replaced the word “whore” with something less demeaning:

"It would've been just as easy to have said that the project was looking for actresses to play prostitutes, saloon girls, or brothel workers but the use of the word 'whore' to describe these roles is degrading and the fact that casting announcements frequently use the word is indicative of an ongoing problem in the film industry."


Let this be a cautionary tale for all you casting agencies out there.

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