Skinny Bae Sam Smith Is Surprisingly Thin Now – See the New Sam Smith

Madison Vanderberg
(Photo: Wenn)

Flaw-free Sam Smith has been a perfect human man since he first opened his mouth and beautiful sad-boi soul music poured out, but apparently Sam didn’t like his body.

Sammy has been on a weight-loss mission and apparently has lost 14 pounds in 14 days, which is like, a lot of weight to lose in such a short time.

Also, he’s looking crazy tiny these days.


Gym is kicking my ass today

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He's apparently reading a book that's changing his life.




And eating whatever this is:



Eating Clean @ameliafreer x

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Is that kiwi on top of fish?


He's literally eating nothing, these are muscles. That's like, zero food/all shell.


A photo posted by Sam Smith (@samsmithworld) on


But look at Sam now, looking like a little pencil bae.


GLASGOW!! You ready? Im channelling zoolander tonight as you can see lol

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Congrats, Sam! Look how far you've come!


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