Stephen Moyer Addresses Rumors That Rogue Will Cameo in ‘The Gifted’

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Fox)

From the moment Stephen Moyer was cast in Fox’s upcoming The Gifted television extension of the X-Men movie universe, fans began speculating about whether Rogue might be making an appearance in the show.

Why? It’s simply: Stephen Moyer is married to his former Tru Blood costar, Anna Paquin, who has played Rogue in four (well, three and a half) X-Men movies to date.

Some fans even went so far as to joke that Moyer’s involvement in the project is simply Fox’s way to try and convince Pacquin to reprise her role in the television series, with the hope that she’d swing by to see her hubby on his lunchbreak, and could then be convinced to dress up in black leather and touch people on-screen.

Wow, that description of Rogue sounds weird. Sorry about that.

Stephen Moyer in The Gifted
Stephen Moyer in The Gifted

Naturally, this fan speculation has led to rumormongering, as fans have debated what classic X-Men characters we’ll be seeing in the show’s first season. These rumors have now spilled naturally into interview questions, as Moyer finds himself in the awkward position of being asked to comment on his wife’s potential role in his new TV series.

His response? Well, it’s not a straight “no”.

“Obviously she is in the X-Men universe. Her character, obviously, could possibly … I don’t know, I don’t quite understand the timeline because obviously, the X-Men timeline is very, very specific, so never say never, but I don’t know. I don’t want to say anything that gets me into trouble.”

Definitely not a “no”, then.

If anything, that sounds like a “yes, but I’m not allowed to talk about it”. Naturally, we’ll have to wait a while to find out for certain, but it seems like fans might just be getting the Rogue cameo they’ve been hoping for.

(Also, it’s fun that Moyer describes the X-Men timeline as “very, very specific”, when in reality it’s the loosest, most convoluted and broken mess of a timeline that’s ever been committed to film.)

As for other X-Men cameos, though, be assured that they’re definitely coming. There was already rumors of Legion earning big name movie star appearances before the show even debuted, and that’s not even set in the same continuity as the movies.

Shawn Ashmore
Shawn Ashmore

With The Gifted working so hard to connect to the X-Men films, there’s no way Shawn Ashmore won’t show up at some point. His most notable claim to fame recently was appearing as the playable character in a video game, so he’s definitely going to be a cheap grab for Fox to throw in to liven up their TV show.

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