Throwback Thursday: Snooki at Junior Prom!

John Howard

Snooki’s Throwback Thursdays are becoming one of the highlights of our week.

The latest installment in this blast from the past segment brings us the “Jersey Shore” star dolled up in her teenybopper best. It’s Snooki at junior prom, people!

Snooks took to her Celebuzz page, posting a picture from the pre-graduation milestone. She poses in front of a studly fellow, doing the awkward pose that all high school kids are forced to endure at these types of events.

Jionni can rest easy, though. According to the post, the cornrowed dude is only a friend… a really good friend.

On the caption, Snooks writes:

“Here I am at my Junior prom! I went with one of my best guy friends! Best Prom Ever! My dress was so from JC Penny! No Shame. Such a bargain shopper.”

Also, it should be noted that, at least based on this photo, it was well before her “Shore” fame that Snooki met her true love: spray tanning.

Earlier this month we were treated to another Snooki throwback: a 12-year-old middle school version in “cute platform heels, a cute dress, a half up half down hair do, and my sexy braces.”

Keep ‘em coming, girl! 

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