Video Game Characters Get Pulp Noir Treatment

Logan Rapp
(Photo: Astor Alexander)

Sometimes, artist reimaginings are a little too cute for their own good, or just haven't transformed themselves enough into something new. That's not the case with artist Astor Alexander (there's an alliteration) , who's completely transformed various video game characters into pulp book covers, noir archetypes and such. The result are book covers that we really want to read. 

Alexander put his considerable talenss to create the beautiful imagery below. 

BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea

Astor Alexander

Burial at Sea is the perfect version of BioShock Infinite that works with a cover like this. Elizabeth with private eye Booker DeWitt has just the right tone. 


Legend of Zelda

Astor Alexander

Link appears to have a… well, a much more brutal way of going about things in this dime store representation. 


Super Mario Bros. 

Astor Alexander

Taken …Again? Well, that's one way to describe the basic premise of every single Super Mario Bros. game out there. 



Astor Alexander

This quite honestly is my personal favorite, showing Samus Aran in 50's astronaut gear, taking down bad guys in style. 


The Witcher

Astor Alexander

Everyone's favorite couple are set to kill monsters with Geralt's favorite carved weapon. 


Check out the rest of Alexander's art over here for more video game inspired goodness!

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