What’s the Pop Culture Moment That Sparked Your Sexual Awakening?

Matt Dekneef
(Photo: Michael Nozinich)

Everyone has an adolescent memory from either a movie or song that they’ll always remember—the moment they realized not just what sex is, but how it affects them. (You know what we’re talking about…)

Tell us yours in the comments, but to get your engines started, here are some from around the Hollyscoop office…

Devon Sawa walking down the staircase in Casper.


“Arguably the sexiest thing I had experienced in my young life. Coming back to life to slow dance with Christina Ricci was at the top of my list in terms of ‘Most Romantic Thing That Can Ever Happen to a Person.’”


Devon Sawa noticing Icebox for the first time in Little Giants.


“I wanted a boy to look at me exactly this way.”


Devon Sawa going in for the kiss in Now and Then.


“Basically Devon Sawa in anything.”


Brad Pitt taking off his shirt in Fight Club.


“I must’ve watched this movie every day after school in sixth grade.”

Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez stepping up to bat in The Sandlot.


“This boy did things to me.”


D’Angelo just being D’Angelo in the “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” music video.


“Felt so wrong to watch, but so right.”


Alicia Silverstone combing her hair in Clueless.


“Just her in the whole movie, honestly.”


Drew Barrymore with a Swedish accent in Wayne’s World 2.


“She pretended to be from Sweden. It was amazing.”


When Boyz II Men whispered the bass part of “End of the Road” in your ear.




Janet Jackson’s choreography in the “If” music video.


“It was just so hot. My mom wouldn’t allow me to watch it, so I’d have to sneak to a friend’s.”


Phoebe Cates emerging from the swimming pool in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.


“Boy oh boy.”


The youngest Hanson brother throwing his hair around.


“Granted, I thought he was a girl at the time…”


LL Cool J eating an apple in the “Doin’ It” music video.


“And the part with the Ring Pop!”


Mimi-Siku spearing a fish in Jungle 2 Jungle.


“I thought that was so manly at the time.”

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