The 3 Most Crucial Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes

Brooke Newberry
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Don’t settle for chocolate chip cookies that are less than. A cookie of caliber should have a slightly different texture from edge to core, entail good quality chocolate, and ingredients should be carefully measured. And there should always be salt. Nuts are most definitely optional.

1. Alton Brown’s “The Chewy” chocolate chip cookie recipe is treasured by many. The darker sugar you use, the chewier the cookies will be. This recipe refrigerates the dough for one hour before baking. Puffy, chewy and perfect.

2. The infamous New York Times-printed Jacques Torres’ Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe is one for the books. With 24-hour refrigerated dough and a blend of cake flour and bread flour, these cookies come out perfectly chewy with just the right amount of crisp around the edges.

3. Of course we can’t forget our old friend, Nestle Toll House’s recipe. This simple crowd-pleaser begs for milk and our grandmas not to mention that it bakes up deliciously every time. Some of us like them a bit underbaked, others a tad overbaked for crispiness, while a few of us like to melt the butter first so that they spread and crackle under the heat. 

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