5 Must-Have Home Bar Glasses

Pete Capella
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In order to have a fully functional home bar, it is essential to have the right tools.

Watch The Savory’s guide to proper bar equipment here. But, to look like a true bon vivant behind the bar, you need the right glassware. Here are five glasses that will give you the versatility you need to serve any cocktail.

Cocktail (Modern Martini)

Known for its stemmed bottom and conical bowl-shaped top, the cocktail glass is practical for serving chilled drinks up (without ice). The stem is made so you can grip the glass without having an effect on the temperature of the drink. Traditionally made to hold 3-5 ounces, the glasses have become larger in recent years. Perfect for Martinis or Frozen Margaritas.

Rocks Glass

Also known as an Old Fashioned glass, this short tumbler is made to hold cocktails served with ice. They are wide-mouthed and have a thicker glass bottom, a design with Old Fashioned muddling in mind. These glasses are incredibly versatile and can be used from everything from a Whiskey neat to a Margarita on the rocks with salt; and even used to serve wine “Italian style.”

Collins Glass

This is a narrower version of a highball glass. The Savory loves a Collins glass because it functions as well as any tall glass, but aesthetically looks much cooler. Use a collins glass for a Tom Collins (duh.), a Test Pilot or a *shudders* Long Island Ice Tea.

Coupe Glass

Also referred to as a Marie Antoinette due to a false rumor that it was molded from the royal’s left breast, the coupe glass is intended to be the middleman of a champagne bottle and your mouth. Its roots are much older than that of the champagne flute, but its shape does not keep the effervescence of the bubbles as well as the more modern flute. We still love this glass for not only champagne, but for any cocktail without ice. It looks gorgeous and lets you freely talk about historical boobies. Fill a coupe with your favorite Champagne or a Sazerac.


Functionality and beauty mesh in this Brandy and Cognac glass. Its pear shape, with a wider bottom and smaller mouth, is made specifically to open up the aroma of the alcohol and keep it in the glass so you get its nose while you sip. Its short stem and rounded bottom is crafted so you can easily palm the glass, warming the liquor with your body heat. Enjoy a snifter filled with your favorite Brandy, Cognac or even a nice Eau de vie; cigar is optional. 

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