5 Pinteresting People You Need to Follow

Ross Gardiner
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The Savory’s editorial army is quite old school at heart. We like having conversations using words, and remembering things instead of relying on a phone with photographic memory. We dig that eye-to-eye, the man-to-man, that big, firm handshake baby! All that binary whiz and pixel fuzz confuses us! We just want a simple life…

But hey, we’re ultimately full of shit. We’re an online publication! By virtue of our immaterial nature, we can’t harp too much about the physical. We’re an invisible, abstract entity after all! By being all modern and such, we have to have modern things: The Face Book, The Instant Grams, The Tweeter, and of course, The Pin Teresting!

We love The Pin Teresting. We love the people on there who post things we repost. It’s like collaging but without the glue. We have a long list of Pinteresting people who you should follow with us! Let’s march towards a communal aesthetic babies!


Bonnie Tsang

Image via Pinterest

We really dig on Bonnie’s style. All across her 47 boards she has a very commanding aesthetic that appreciates the line, the shadow, the primary color, and, of course, the food pornography! Oh how we love that! We particularly love her eye for white. 

You should actually just follow all of her boards, because she has a great eye for everything.


Sarah Kieffer

Image via Pinterest

Sarah Kieffer is an exceptionally talented photographer as well as a visibly adept baker. When you put those two things together, you conjure the ability to overdose the Internet on insatiable gluttony.

Her boards are all precisely organized, and we recommend all of them! Have a quick peruse through and see what you think matches up with your aesthetic. Don’t go mad and follow everything, though, that’s how you get lost.


Daniel Bear Hunley

Image via Pinterest

Pinterest doesn’t have to be for people of the female persuasion! There are men out there with excellent tastes too don’t you know! Daniel Bear Hunley is a gentleman of exquisite taste. Oscar Wilde would be impressed.

Daniel has a penchant for men’s fashion, typography, boots, and infographics, and has been known to throw the odd board up for special occasions.


Rosa Parks/Cereal Magazine

Image via Pinterest

Anyone unfamiliar with Cereal magazine and the visual deity that is Rosa Parks (yup) ought to acquaint themselves immediately. Though you really ought to be prepared for the sheer amount of white coming your way.

We have been fans of Cereal for a long time, and we think their ability to continually find sterile, white images to be rather admirable. Rosa’s is the kind of house we’d love to longingly gawk at, but wouldn’t dream of eating a bowl of Bolognese in.


The Savory

Image via Pinterest

What?! We can’t be on our own list? Pffft. We give all kinds of love to all kinds of people. Hey, they say you’ll never be loved if you can’t love yourself…

We post about things we love (food, drink, infographics, and eggs), and if we suddenly find that an image we dig doesn’t fit abstractly onto one of our spacious boards, we just create another one. We’re eccentric like that.

So yeah, follow us.

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