Adventures in Potato Chips: Sammie + Chip Pairings

Brooke Newberry
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It’s summer entertaining season and the 4th has blurrily passed us by, which means we may or may not have a gaggle of potato chips leftover from gatherings and late night munching.  Or maybe there just isn’t ever enough resistance during chip aisle cruises and one extra bag always hurls itself into your cart. Whatever it is, don’t let those half eaten and stored bags go to waste.  Sure, use the greasy remnants as breading for chicken, make this amazing looking Spanish tortilla, or employ as a baked casserole topping.  OR: host an artful, totally gourmet and classy Potato Chip Pairing Party.  We’re 90% sure it’s legal.  See below for some stunning pairing suggestions.


Classic Lay’s:

Barbecue pork sandwiches, place between the coleslaw and the meat.

Of course, the legislature for Classic Lays-crushing is the fried bologna and mustard sandwich. 

Barbecue Chips:

Turkey and cream cheese sandwich, on hearty white bread – lightly toasted.  Barbecue chips and cream cheese is total magic.

Sour Cream and Onion Chips:

Tuna sandwich: the oniony-er the better.  Perform a medium-crush on these chips, top the tuna salad, close up.

Salt & Vinegar Chips:

Try these zingers with egg salad, creamy tuna salad, chicken salad, and lightly battered fried fish sandwiches or Po Boys.

Sweet Onion Chips:

Grilled cheese – you know how little swipe of sweet mustard or a nutty, caramelly gruyere takes this sandwich to 3rd base?  The sweetness of these chips does that, too.  Try these chips in combo with a spicy mustard in this sandwich for a sweet-n-spicy grilled cheese.

We know a hot dog isn’t a sandwich, but…crumble these over top a mustard dog and hit home base.

Tortilla Chips:

Crunch up in your Sloppy Joes.  Think of it as a nacho sandwich. You’re welcome. 

Lay’s Flamin’ Hot Chips:

Make your chicken sandwich a spicy chicken sandwich or work these into a Bahn mi.

Pickle-flavored Chips:

Know when you’re feelin’ classy and you eat those little cornichons alongside charcuterie? Then, continue: give these chips a fine crush and mush inside an Italian hero (AKA grinder, hoagie, sub, etc.)  Make sure the sandwich has at least 3 different types of salumi (think, cappicola, salami, mortadella).  

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