And Here’s Yet Another Way to Eat a Donut

Brooke Newberry
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Ever since the debut of the cronut, restaurateurs, street vendors and foodies alike have been playing a giant, frantically fun game that revolves around unveiling the latest, craziest food superstar. This game of trends went a little too far a few weeks ago, however, when Toronto’s Canadian National Expedition fed consumers a “cronut burger,” causing foodborne illness in 223 people.

The newest donut-savorizing action, fresh off the block: the Donut Dog. Launching next week at Los Angeles-based Currywurst, there will be a Vienna dog served between a fried dough bun complete with house toppings. These non-glazed buns come from a “small family donut shop” somewhere in LA that makes them specially for Currywurst.   

Read more about the newest way to consume a donut here. 

So what shall we prepare our arteries for next?  Share your predictions below.

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