Be Jealous That Japan Now Has Buckets of McNuggets


(Photo: OBSEV)

I can safely say that this is both a Thanksgiving miracle and also what I would consider cruel and unusual punishment because the fast food gods apparently only shine their light upon those in Japan, which I don’t understand, because what’s more American than a bucket full of processed, fried meat? NOTHIN’, I TELL YA.

McDonald’s in Japan is giving their chicken the KFC treatment by shoving 48 nuggets into a gigantic to-go cup, because why not?

Actually, it’s a promo thing for a collaboration with the Japanese pop group NGT48, but still—48 nuggets all in one bucket? Sounds like the start of my Thanksgiving feast if you ask me.


I mean, yeah, here in the U.S. McDonald’s offers both a 40-piece and a 50-piece nugget meal (and I’ve tackled the 50-piece with my twin, it’s no joke); however, the nuggets come in their regular packaging, and that is not okay because how am I supposed to carry around 50 pieces of chicken if not in a bucket?

Think of all of the endless possibilities if the nugget bucket was implemented in the United States. I’d roll into a bar with the bucket. I’d bring it to parties. I’d be like the Oprah of chicken buckets, handing them out to anyone who was hungry. I’d be a little nugget angel. The nugget bucket is an instant friend-maker.

And think of how many different dipping sauces you could get. My mind is about to explode with this McDonald’s bucket fantasy world I’ve just created in my head.

Anyways, this whole concept sounds like…BUCKETS OF FUN, AM I RIGHT?

I’ll show myself out.