Best Back of the Box Recipes: Rice Krispies’ Rice Krispies Treats

Brooke Newberry
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It’s time we told you the truth: some of our mothers’ simple, undisclosed recipes weren’t completely their own. Many of them were the old school, “back of the box” classics – whether they were Mom’s own variations or straight representations, the backs of those boxes were once the best kept secret weapons in the kitchen.

There’s something more comforting about cooking or baking from the back of a box than from an actual cookbook or Internet recipe.  It’s all about marketing – if the box endorses it, it must be flawless in taste and method. Back of the box recipes are usually plain, simple and dedicated to the ingredient featured and sold inside the package. So, what makes a recipe a classic?  It seems as though Generation X has come to know the taste of these recipes as “classics” because of their original box printing and familiar nostalgic taste. Whether semi-homemade or semi-authentic, we grew up with these time-honored recipes and consider them family.

This week: Rice Krispies Treats AKA “Marshmallow Treats”

Guess what?  It’s National Rice Krispies Treat Day…

Cooked up by none other than the famous Snap, Crackle and Pop – these guys taught us how to make one of the first dessert recipes that we ever learned: Rice Krispies Treats. The three-ingredient snack favorite of the American barbecue, the PTA meeting, and the bake sale is the genius combination of rice cereal, a bag of marshmallows, and a few tablespoons of butter. The only thing that’s hard about this recipe is dishwashing duty afterward – melted marshmallows are only fun in Krispies Treats and s’mores. Rice Krispies Treats might not be a glamorous choice (touché – unless they are studded with colored or holiday M&M’s), but they never fail to please sweet-toothed folks of any generation.

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