Blue Hill Farms Brings Yogurt Back from Dessert

Brooke Newberry
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It seems as though foods usually funneled into the ‘sweet’ category are taking a walk on the savory side (no, we wont take all the credit). NYC’s Blue Hill restaurant is behind/fueling the movement by taking their kitchen made savory yogurts public. Made with milk from grass fed dairy cows in small, family owned farms in upstate New York, including the chef’s family’s Blue Hill Farm, the yogurts are blended with fresh local vegetables like carrots, beets, tomatoes and butternut squash. These blends are absolutely gorgeous and are available for $2.99 (at 6 ounces each) at Whole Foods Markets.

Yogurt is being brought back from dessert.  Supermarkets exposed us to yogurt in its original tangy form with an introduction to now mainstream Greek yogurt.  Thanks to the introduction of our precious Fage and the coveted although still sweetened “tart” option offered at frozen yogurt chains, consumers are appreciating and even craving the actual flavor of yogurt.

Blue Hill’s yogurts are invitingly bright, smooth and subtle, and they retain that pleasant tart palate. The yogurt line has been launched on a limited scale and will be featuring vegetables set to change with the seasons. If the trend sticks, we wonder if popular yogurt brands will veggie up; just think of all those insane salad-centric Yoplait flavors bombing the isles (yikes?).

Blue Hill recommends eating the yogurt straight, with toppings, or as an ingredient to be used in both sweet and savory preparations. We like the idea of making smoothies with them. Add fresh herbs (think mint) to them, and puree the yogurts together with juicier fruits, like melons. Replace sour cream with the yogurt for dips, and dollop their savoryness onto soups.

What else can we savory-ize?  Here are a few more ideas.

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