Breaking Bad: Walter White Loves Dimple Pinch Scotch

Pete Capella
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When it boils down to it, Walter White is a working man. A former teacher and current drug lord, Mr. White is not used to the luxuries afforded to the wealthy. He drives a crappy car, he wears modest clothes, and he drinks shi#%y scotch.

Walter was shown bellying up to the bar and ordering a Dimple Pinch in last week’s penultimate episode. Though not always mentioned by name, Walter is often seen pouring drinks from the very recognizable bottle of scotch. Known for its trademark triangular bottle shape and dimpled glass (actually the first glass container to be a registered trademark in the U.S.), Dimple Pinch is a blended scotch, distilled by the Haig family distillery in the Lowland Region of Scotland.

A grainy, sweet scotch, with very little peat on the palate, Dimple Pinch is known as a favorite among grandpas and uncles with a blue-collar background, perhaps for its lack of overwhelming complexity and its ease on the wallet. Walter hasn’t always made the best choices in life, so why begin to fault him now for his lack of love for the single malt?

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