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An awkwardly ripped and unhealthily tan Jack LaLanne would be incredibly proud of the movement toward a healthy lifestyle that has emerged in this country; even if it was due to the fact that we were the fattest country in the world (a crown that we recently relinquished to Mexico this year). No matter what the cause, we have become a health conscious society and that shift has made its way into the cocktail culture. And, what is the best way to marry delicious cocktails and  beneficial living? It’s juice, y’all.

In this day and age, you’re way behind the times if your accoutrements of appliances does not include a juicer. They have become cost effective, simple to use, and, to the joy of many, much easier to clean. With the rise of local farmer’s markets, fresh organic fruits and vegetables have become abundantly accessible and affordable. A juicer set up in your kitchen, fruits and veggies filling your recyclable/reusable canvas tote and a fully stocked bar of premium alcohol launch you to the forefront of the healthy cocktail revolution.

Fruits and Veggies: Buy The Basics

A great juice inspired cocktail begins with a great juice. Your possibilities are endless even with the simplest of fruit and veggie options. Also, don’t forget to get some herbs in there.

Fruits to buy:








Veggies to buy:








Herbs/Roots to buy:








Be a mad scientist with your juicer. Mix and match and experiment with different combos. Don’t be afraid to toss in some spices like cayenne pepper or turmeric for a little flavor and extra health benefits.

Now that your juice is prepped and ready, its time for some of the good old fashioned hard stuff. Your alcohol choices are as endless as your juice choices. Gin and vodka will mix well with most anything. Your whiskey family loves juices that have a sweeter profile. And, don’t forget to go south of the border by mixing your juice with tequila or mezcal. Step out of the box and find more unique alcohols such as Italian aperitifs like Campari or the acai distilled Veev. Our sparkling companion, champagne, treats fresh juice like a welcome neighbor, so turn up your Sunday brunch mimosa game.

The Savory has provided you with a way to get your day’s full serving of fruits and vegetables all while getting sloshed. Now, get to juicing and you can thank us later.

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