BYO: Pack It Up For the Plane

BYO: Pack It Up For the Plane

Now that all the major airlines are charging (ahem, overcharging) for food, more people are planning ahead for in-flight eating. While airport food and drink quality have taken a turn for the better (some hubs even have outposts of local favorites), the brands we know and love betray us with inflated price tags. Be responsible and pack up your own stuff for an in-flight picnic but don’t be that person who packs the hard-boiled eggs, believes a shrimp cocktail for one is in order, or picks at a tuna sandwich the entire flight. Be an epicure but don’t be foul.  

Bring homemade trail mix, granola, dried chickpeas, grain salads or non-perishable pasta dishes (think bite-size pasta shapes, not spaghetti noodles). How many times have you said your saving graces for the in-flight cheese plate only to find that it’s sold out? Pack your own cheese plate – it’ll taste better. Pack it all up with this:

Bentgo Box

Based on the Japanese-style bento boxes, these transportable lunch boxes are great for smart storage and transport. The box contains separated compartments, allowing for different entrée and side dishes to be stored without touching one another. Bentgo boxes retail at $14.99.

We’re looking at you with the Skittles, string cheese and peanut M&M's. Instead of the last-minute mismatched assemblage of junk, check out some of these healthy-meets-gourmand snack travel options below (a few with wine pairings, ‘cause we know you will):

Kind Bars

Kind Bars are a quick and clean on-the-go food made with simple whole foods like raw nuts, various fruits, honey and brown rice. Opt for the blueberry pecan bar – it contains a lower amount of sugar versus the other flavors. A case of 72 bars sells for $107.50 (Kind Bars are also sold individually in many grocery and specialty stores.) 

Plane wine pairing: Muscat

Honeyed, raisiny and florally aromatic, muscat will complement this sweetened snack by matching the honey with its higher residual sugar levels.

Justin’s Almond Butter Packets (pack with Granny Smith apple slices)

Justin’s makes travel-friendly 1.5-ounce almond butter squeeze packs that are perfect company for packed apples, celery sticks and crackers. 10-count squeeze packs sell for $37.89 on Amazon.


What is more satisfying than a perfectly packaged pouch of olives for some in-flight indulging?  Tasty Mediterranean, Lemony Lover, and Hot Chilli Mama are the flavor profiles on offer. These on-the-go olives go for less than $2 a pack.


Navitas Bites

This organic power snack covers a few superfood ingredient bases (chia, maca) and uses cacao to satisfy chocolate cravings with the addition of refined sugar. 1 pack (8 oz) is $9.99 and can be found at Whole Foods.


Jerky couture. Three jerks fashion jerky from the filet mignon cut – something that has never been attempted before. Each piece of jerky is reminiscent of the admirable buttery texture of filet mignon. $14.99 for a 2.5-ounce package.

Plane wine pairing: Sparkling Wine

Jerky is high in protein, salty by dehydration and often smokey. Opt for off-dry sparkling wine. Dry bubbles will pick up the saltiness of the jerky but an off-dry or even sweeter sparkling wine will nudge and enhance the jerky’s blunt flavors.

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