Caipirinha Cocktail Recipe

Pete Capella
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Brazil’s national spirit in Brazil’s national cocktail. The caipirinha is now popular all over the world and recognized by the International Bartenders Association as one of their Official Cocktails. Loosely translated as the American version of “a hillbilly”, the caipirinha is anything but a country bumpkin’s drink. With premium cachaças widely available on the market, your home bar should be considered incomplete without a good caipirinha recipe. O Brasil é lindo maravilhoso! 


2 oz Premium Cachaça

2 Barspoons Fine Sugar

1 Lime (quartered)

In a rocks glass, muddle a quartered lime with 2 barspoons of fine sugar. Add cachaça and fill with ice. Stir with your barspoon and enjoy. 

Tip: You may want to keep stirring as you drink to make sure sugar is fully dissolved.

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