This Common Fruit Can Prevent Hangovers

Malcolm Freberg
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Everyone’s got their personal favorite hangover cure: a bloody mary, runny eggs and crispy bacon, 4-6 Advil, sleeping until 3:00pm, etc. But what if there was a way to stop hangovers before they even happen?

Enter pears, your new favorite fruit.



The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, in collaboration with Horticulture Innovation Australia, started doing research into Asian pears. They discovered all sorts of nifty benefits, including reduced cholesterol, anti-inflammatory properties, and constipation relief. Yet all these revelations obviously pale in comparison to the Irish guilt prevention.

Before you blow your entire grocery budget on whiskey and pears, a few caveats. First, only Asian/Korean pears were tested. No word yet on common pears having the same effect. Also, the pears only helped if ingested before drinking alcohol.

But given those two facts, the study showed that the severity of hangovers was reduced in people who ate pears (or drank pear juice) versus placebos. Rejoice, all ye drunkards.

Like every published study, the scientists were quick to CYA and said the results are only preliminary, that more research needs to be done to confirm these results, yada yada yada. Which means you can’t blame them if pregaming your Sunday night bender with Asian pear juice doesn’t make you feel like a rockstar Monday morning.

But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.


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