Drinking Wine Out Of a Beer Can Is Now a Thing, Thanks to This Portland Winery


(Photo: Pinterest)

Because wine is awesome and we should be able to drink it anywhere, an Oregon native has blessed us with his latest innovation that involves a new line of portable canned wines—no cork or pesky bottle opener involved!

Ryan Harms, owner of Underwood canned wines, was so sick of packing glassware on his outdoor adventures that he decided to create a solution for winos everywhere. Since carrying a hefty bottle, a wine opener, and a few breakable glasses didn't make sense, Harms decided to go the unconventional route and start packaging wine in beer cans.

When asked about his reasoning behind the new line of cans, Harms responded, “A can is about form and function. In Oregon, it’s hard not to be an outdoorsy person. Cans are portable, you’re able to handle and dispose of them easily.” And thus, the “beerification movement” was born. 

Harms, who is also the vintner and owner of Union Wine Company, hopes that by offering pinot noir, pinot gris, and rosé in a can, the approachability of beer will rub off on those more trepidatious about wine.

“We don’t want to be asking, ‘Am I holding the glass right?’ or ‘Do I look like I know what I’m doing?’ or ‘Do I sound sophisticated?’” Harms says. “We asked, how do we bring some of the elements from the beer industry into wine so that, when we’re sitting there, enjoying some wine, we’re not overthinking it?”

Picked up by major retailers such as Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, the 375 ml. cans hold the equivalent of two generous pours of wine. While some people might call drinking wine from a beer can blasphemous, Harms isn’t worried. “We have to put good-quality stuff in,” he says. “This is just a packaging alternative. We’re a wine company.”