Drunk Dial Congress. It’s Your Civic Duty.

Pete Capella
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We are quickly approaching the two week mark of the government shutdown. We can’t enjoy our national parks, government-issued checks are delayed, and it is costing the country around $12 million a day. As frustration and disappointment build nationwide (with 60 percent of Americans polled saying that we should fire everyone in Congress), there is one standby that seems to always work: drinking.

Luckily, drinking alone is not the only solution. Revolution Messaging has given us the amazing option to drunk dial Congress. Their website www.drunkdialcongress.org has given the fed up citizens of the United States the opportunity to vent their frustrations directly to their representatives. All you need is a phone and some booze, then they provide you with all the necessary accoutrements to properly drunk dial our country’s leaders, including 10 talking points, drink recipes and a place to enter your phone number which will place the call for you.

We here at The Savory feel that it is your civic duty as true patriotic Americans to point your browsers to www.drunkdialcongress.org and tell Congress how you truly feel about their shutdown of the government….aaaand the rocket’s red glare…

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