Farmer's Market Bloody Mary Recipe

Farmer's Market Bloody Mary Recipe

A Sunday morning staple, the Bloody Mary is regarded as a "hair-of-the-dog" brunch must-have. Obviously we all know that Bloodies don’t actually cure hangovers, but they sure as hell are tasty - especially when you are using all fresh ingredients.

The idea of breakfast cocktails may seem like a thing of the past, yet every weekend morning there are Bloody Marys strewn across cafe tables around the world. Lucky for us, Farmer's Markets are as prominent as Bloody Marys. Now I’m no mathematician, but if we combine the two…pure genius.

Farmer’s Market Mary

1.5 oz Grey Goose Vodka

1 Organic Heirloom Tomato

2 Slices Organic Cucumber

2 Organic Serrano Chile Slices

Fresh Cracked Pepper

3 Dashes Hot Sauce


Muddle all veggies with the pepper and hot sauce. Shake and strain into pint glass. Garnish with cucumber slice, jalepeno stuffed olives, and organic Italian parsley.

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